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Oxidisation will spoil wine

Once a bottle of wine is opened, an oxidisation process begins in the wine.  This process may help certain types of wine to become more enjoyable.  That is also one of the reasons for decanting.  However, when a threshold is reached, oxidisation has a damaging effect to the bouquet and aroma of wine.  It is therefore a known fact that wine must be consumed within days or even hours.

To find out more why oxidisation is a problem 

Perfect for food and wine pairing

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Designed by wine experts

i-Somm is an innovative wine preservation system designed by wine experts.  It uses argon gas to protect wine from oxidation.  The innovative device works on both screw caps or cork sealed bottles. The key is to use it whenever a new bottle of wine is opened.  Wine used with i-Somm can be preserved for weeks and the wine bottle can even be stored horizontally in a wine cabinet.

Should you choose to drink in moderation

Many studies in universities or medical centres around the world have shown many health benefits of wine consumption, from reducing the risks of dementia to the prevention of breast cancers, prostate cancer

The UK and Australia have updated the recommended alcohol intake


Pour as much as you please

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