What is i-Somm?

i-Somm is an innovative, state-of-the-art wine preservation system.

What does it required to use i-Somm?

i-Somm does not need any battery but requires i-Somm gas cartridges.

How does i-Somm work?

i-Somm must be used when a bottle of wine is first opened and before pouring out any of the wine.  A stopper needs to be locked into the bottle and then lock in i-Somm.

As long as the i-Somm gas cartridge is inserted, it is ready to pour as much or as little wine as you please.

What happens if the gas cartridge is used up but there is wine left in the bottle?

A replacement of the gas cartridge is all that is required.  An important point is to follow the instruction while replacing the gas cartridge and do not remove the entire unit or the stopper from the bottle.

How long can a bottle be preserved using i-Somm?

i-Somm is able to preserve wine for weeks.

Can I put i-Somm with a bottle in a fridge or wine cabinet?

Yes.  i-Somm is designed to preserve white wine in a fridge or red wine in a wine cabinet.  The bottle with i-Somm with a bottle may be put horizontally in a wine cabinet.  The length of with i-Somm and the bottle should fit into a  wine cabinet.  However some bottles might be taller than normal which might not fit into a standard wine cabinet with i-Somm.

Does i-Somm work with screw-cap and cork sealed wine?

Yes.  i-Somm works with either type of wine closure bottles.

Does i-Somm work with Champagne?

No.  i-Somm is not designed to work with Champagne.

Is the gas used with i-Somm safe?

Yes. The gas is safe to human.

How many bottles of wine can be used with each gas cartridge?

Use according to the user guide, each gas cartridge should pour more than two bottles of wine.